April 16, 2014


Today was beautiful, you wouldn't have even known that it snowed yesterday blah! Ruby and I played outside for a while. I had the camera out and was taking pictures and it makes it look like we just had a nice time outside with out any major events. HOWEVER, I should have taken an after picture, because I am not sure what the exact reason was (possibly the size too big shoes she insisted on wearing, or the cloth diaper she also insisted on wearing but couldn't really walk while wearing), but Ruby ended up having a rough evening and now looks like she was in a fight. She first did a face slide down the cement steps...I will say that I was seriously right behind her and she decided to turn around at the top and hasn't quite figured out yet that she cannot just walk right off a ledge. So, down she went. She didn't really cry because she is a hoss, but looks rough. Then after daddy got home, she was playing ball and somehow (?) ended up falling on her chin on the same steps. Luckily, there were just scrapes but this is the first banging up she has gotten so it is very sad. I know it's mean but I secretly smile inside when she gets hurt and doesn't want daddy. HAHA I just reread that and I sound like a terrible person! I don't smile when she gets hurt, just when she only wants me! Sometimes a girl just needs her momma, especially when she is hurting. Any other time she is a daddy's girl, so I don't feel too bad about it. On a side note....perfect timing for Easter :-/

As we were exploring the yard we stopped and made sure to smell all the flowers. Ruby loves to smell things- flowers, candles, random people whatever....she doesn't discriminate. There are flowers in trees, bushes, grass everywhere! LOVE it! There is one bush right by the back door with the daintiest little pink flowers that smell absolutely amazing!

A friend of mine posted a picture on FB of her son walking into the pool and the picture gave a sense of relaxation and fun for sure. Her comment was that this picture was deceiving because shortly after that was taken she ended up having to jump into the pool, fully clothed, because her son insisted on no water wings and clearly that was not working out so well. Between that and looking at these pictures as I was getting them uploaded of our day today, I was reminded how easy, in this "social media world", it is to take 1 picture, or 1 comment and form our own completely made up (usually) idea of what is going on. Facebook gives people the opportunity to look better than they really are and people to feel worse about their life than they really need to. I love the saying "Don't compare someone else's highlight reel to your behind the scenes." I don't know where it came from but it is so true. I catch myself saying that in my head at least once a day. Just a friendly reminder for you to do the same. You are fearfully and wonderfully made and you shouldn't let one picture define how you feel about yourself or your life. You never know what is behind that picture or what happens in the next picture that you don't see!

March 31, 2014

Our Weekend

This past weekend was  SO nice! I am so excited that Spring finally making its appearance. I thought it was never going to come! The last 2 weekends actually have been pretty nice. We got a lot of yard work done last weekend and Britt worked this weekend. Ruby and I decided to pack it up and go to grandma's house for the weekend! We went to the park and saw the ducks, we played in the "sand pit" that is for the pool, and had a great time! This girl LOVES her "da" he is such a good daddy and will take extra time out of what he is doing just to take her for a spin on the lawn mower or let her "help" with whatever he is doing!

March 17, 2014

10 Day Marriage Challenge

So this weekend, a dear friend and fellow blogger posted a challenge that her and her husband were challenged to do and I thought it sounded like fun! Marriage is not an easy thing but it is very easy to fall into a rut of just doing the daily obligations and that's it.

There are a million reasons why we don't have the time to spend on our marriage, but the bottom line is, we committed to this marriage in the beginning. Putting the time and energy into it shouldn't be a last minute chore, but a daily effort that we do because we want to and love our spouse. So that being said, if you would like to follow along please do! 

If you are joining the challenge and are on Instagram, use #10daymarriagechallenge to document your challenge! By name on there is @bkschro or you can click on the Instagram icon over on the side--->
 Ashley from The Vanilla Tulip had an awesome idea to take a picture each night/day of both of you doing your assignments. Great idea! We forgot last night, but I am planning on it starting tonight! If you decide to do it, I would love to hear your feedback at the end of the 10 days!


Assignment: Spend an hour or so going over your nightly "Top 10".  No matter how much you think you know about each other, this process is enlightening/shocking/humbling all in one.  The way to go about this is to set a time (which could be "after the kids go to bed") and discuss your answers for an hour or so.  You can either write your answers down right before you meet or throughout the day.  But they have to be written down before the scheduled time. 

Day 1- What are your Top 10 favorite characteristics about one another? Why? (wife writes 10 for her husband. And the husband will write 10 for his wife)

Day 2- What are your Top 10 favorite characteristics about yourself? Why? (Wife writes about herself. Husband writes about himself)

Day 3- Where are 10 places you have never been to but would love to go? Why? (again, these are individual lists.  You each write your own)

Day 4- What are 10 of your biggest pet peeves? Why? (in general, not necessarily with one another)

Day 5- What are your 10 things you hope your kids learn from you? Why?

Day 6- If you won $100k tomorrow... what 10 things would you buy yourself? Why? (you cannot save it or spend it on anyone else. You MUST spend it all on yourself)

Day 7- What are 10 things that you would like to improve on personally? Why?

Day 8- If you could invite 10 people to dinner, alive or dead, who would they be? Why?

Day 9- What are 10 things that your spouse can do for you, or does for you, that you really value/appreciate? 

Day 10- ***Do this one over a date-night dinner***  What 10 things do y'all want to accomplish in the next year? Do this list together and once you are done talking about it and putting the list together, put it in an envelope and store it.  Then make a point to open it in a year!