January 11, 2015

Welcome 2015!

I looked back and it has been a WHILE since I last blogged, I admit, the whole blogging thing is new to me but I love sharing things that I have learned and things that are going on in my life.

There are 2 things that I love, a fresh start and a good quote! I am so excited about the new year and the possibilities that it brings with it. I have never been a fan of resolutions because, let's just face it, they never stick. I hears some very wise words from a mentor of mine that I absolutely love and have changed the way I look at the new year and those resolutions that just set us up for failure.We don't want to set goals to try and change who we are, instead we need to strive to become better versions of ourselves. God created us with the exact strengths and weaknesses that He wanted us to have. That doesn't mean that we are always using those to be our best selves. If you want to try something different that will help you to work towards that I have a challenge for you!

Take a look at what you are doing, in all area of your life, or the areas that you think that you could be better. What's working? What's not working? Pick one word that incapsulates what you want. Then set priorities and goals that will direct you towards that word.

I'll share what mine is so you can get an idea. Since I always have a hard time making up my mind, I actually have two, but they go hand in hand:

Consistency & Intention

These are for both my personal life and in my business. My priorities are first to my family. Being consistent and intentional with my time that I spend with my little one and my husband. It is so easy to waste precious time with the ones that are the most important to us....Facebook, television, cleaning or stressing over things that aren't important etc. I also know that I have not been intentional with my relationship with God and that is truly where all things start. I admit, it is difficult for me to find time some days, I am not a morning person. Try as I may, I am a night owl by default and I have weeks that I am better and weeks that I fail miserably. However, the amazing thing is that failure is just temporary and making the choice to just keep getting back up is what is important. I found an amazing app for my phone called She Reads Truth. You can search for it in the App Store. Or read more about it HERE. I am doing a read the Bible in 365 days and it is so simple. It's laid out beautifully and the offer different plans and studies that you can follow along with. LOVE it!

In my business that means constantly asking myself if what I am doing is essential and productive. It is a CHALLENGE! I wrote those 2 words on my chalkboard wall in my office where I am constantly reminded. I didn't realize how much time I wasted in a day on things that do not matter and do not point me to my goals. I write down what my goals are on a weekly, sometimes daily basis. Sometimes they change a little bit and sometimes I am wiring the same things over and over. There is power in writing those things down, not just letting them float around in your head. It keeps me accountable. Having a close friend or two that you can share those goals with is also a huge help in keeping yourself on the right track.

I have some big goals in my personal life and business this year and to make that happen I need to be intentional and consistent with every minute. We only get one shot at this my friends! Let this year be the year that you take an honest look at your life and where you are going. If you want to share your "word" I would love to hear!

May 13, 2014

Mother's Day and The Past Few

I started writing a "status update" on Facebook and realized that I was actually writing a blog post. So I switched avenues and here I am. I needed to write a catch up badly anyways!

So, these past few months have gone by SO fast! I feel like I have a better handle on May than I did April, but it still just seems like the days get shorter and shorter. This weekend, I did an expo at the Battlefield Mall for Rodan+Fields, my new side business, and had so much fun. It was nice to get that "me" time that I had forgotten all about. I saw many old friends that I hadn't seen for a long time and it was just fun to catch up and be around other adults. (Such a mom thing to say).

Sunday was such an amazing Mother's Day. We went to brunch with my mom and family, went to the park for a while, and then came back home to put up my new porch swing that Ruby got me! I LOVE it! I have wanted to get one since we moved in and it just had never happened. We have been spending the past few weeks getting the flowers beds planted and garden done. So, it was the perfect time to put up a swing so we could enjoy our hard work! We even busted out the sprinkler and Ruby played in the water for a while, which she LOVED.

I think back to when I was on the fence of whether or not I really even wanted to have kids and I am so glad that I made the choice that I did. Yes, there are days that I would like to just have 5 minutes to sit and do nothing, but I also remember so many minutes of time wasted by sitting and doing nothing from before I had Ruby! I know that what I am doing is working to mold and shape something that has more meaning and purpose than I will ever know. Sometimes that is scary to think of, but I am just glad that God decided to give me the opportunity to do it anyways. When I was in my early 20's I would have thought that my life now was boring and dumb lol. SO glad that I have grown up and realize what the important things are. There has been rough times for sure but it was all worth the struggle and the growing. I love my sweet little life :)

April 16, 2014


Today was beautiful, you wouldn't have even known that it snowed yesterday blah! Ruby and I played outside for a while. I had the camera out and was taking pictures and it makes it look like we just had a nice time outside with out any major events. HOWEVER, I should have taken an after picture, because I am not sure what the exact reason was (possibly the size too big shoes she insisted on wearing, or the cloth diaper she also insisted on wearing but couldn't really walk while wearing), but Ruby ended up having a rough evening and now looks like she was in a fight. She first did a face slide down the cement steps...I will say that I was seriously right behind her and she decided to turn around at the top and hasn't quite figured out yet that she cannot just walk right off a ledge. So, down she went. She didn't really cry because she is a hoss, but looks rough. Then after daddy got home, she was playing ball and somehow (?) ended up falling on her chin on the same steps. Luckily, there were just scrapes but this is the first banging up she has gotten so it is very sad. I know it's mean but I secretly smile inside when she gets hurt and doesn't want daddy. HAHA I just reread that and I sound like a terrible person! I don't smile when she gets hurt, just when she only wants me! Sometimes a girl just needs her momma, especially when she is hurting. Any other time she is a daddy's girl, so I don't feel too bad about it. On a side note....perfect timing for Easter :-/

As we were exploring the yard we stopped and made sure to smell all the flowers. Ruby loves to smell things- flowers, candles, random people whatever....she doesn't discriminate. There are flowers in trees, bushes, grass everywhere! LOVE it! There is one bush right by the back door with the daintiest little pink flowers that smell absolutely amazing!

A friend of mine posted a picture on FB of her son walking into the pool and the picture gave a sense of relaxation and fun for sure. Her comment was that this picture was deceiving because shortly after that was taken she ended up having to jump into the pool, fully clothed, because her son insisted on no water wings and clearly that was not working out so well. Between that and looking at these pictures as I was getting them uploaded of our day today, I was reminded how easy, in this "social media world", it is to take 1 picture, or 1 comment and form our own completely made up (usually) idea of what is going on. Facebook gives people the opportunity to look better than they really are and people to feel worse about their life than they really need to. I love the saying "Don't compare someone else's highlight reel to your behind the scenes." I don't know where it came from but it is so true. I catch myself saying that in my head at least once a day. Just a friendly reminder for you to do the same. You are fearfully and wonderfully made and you shouldn't let one picture define how you feel about yourself or your life. You never know what is behind that picture or what happens in the next picture that you don't see!